At only 1000km away from the city of Ushuaia, we find the white continent, the most inhospitable and remote one of the world. The Antarctic continent is the only one that doesn’t have any human permanent population, visiting scientists being its only temporal residents. This is also the only continent in the world which is being governed by an international treaty that prohibits taking possession of or exploiting any of the land by any country. Antarctica has the biggest concentration of glacial ice in the world. Nearly 95% of the territory is covered in ice, which in some places reaches a density of up to for thousand meters.

The area is a birdwatching paradise. It’s the only place in the world where you can find the Emperor Penguin, the Antarctic Petrel and the Antarctic Kelp Gull nesting, among 40 more unique species. It’s extremely exciting to discover the marvelous marine life which inhabits this region: whales, dolphins, leopard seals, elephant seals, Weddel seals, Ross seals and Crabeater seals.

The Antarctic tourism season starts in October and ends in March. There is a way to arrive at the continent by flight, but the classic leisure Antarctic trip is by ship, departing from Ushuaia, passing by Cape Horn, crossing the Drake Passage and finally visiting the Antarctic Peninsula according the itinerary selected by the passenger. 

A classic Antarctic itinerary takes 11days and is composed as follows: The first two days will be in navigation, to cross the mythical Drake Passage where two oceans meet and cause gigantic waves. The following six days there will be visits to a variety of scientific bases, museums and outstanding wonders of nature. The last two days are to return to Ushuaia. 

The first descent in zodiac will not be until 48houres after departure from Ushuaia. According to what has been agreed in the Antarctic treaty, no more than 100 persons at a time are allowed to descend from the ship, and the groups always have to be accompanied a guided by a specialist during the whole tour. If weather conditions are good, there will be two descents a day: One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each of them have a duration of approximately two hours, depending on the presence and absence of fauna, the weather conditions and factors of interest that may appear during every trip.

On board you can enjoy spotting sessions and presentations and courses by specialists in nature and polar life. A lot of different itineraries are available, with specialized teams and there are even themed departures. Some departures even count with options such as kayaking, camping and diving. Some routes include the Malvina Islands and some of them even cross the Antarctic Circle. 

Ushuaia is the only place in the world where you are able to obtain Last Minute Deals for these Antarctic Cruises. They include offers of up to 50% discounts. 

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